Colectivo Ronda

Aula Ronda

Aula Ronda, the lecture theatre located at the Barcelona offices, hosts occasional talks and lectures given by members of the cooperative and similar entities on subjects that allow us to look more deeply into aspects of general interest related to the activity of the office. Talks about asbestos, preferred stock, invisible illnesses or victims’ platforms... Aula Ronda is a venue for all kinds of talks and events aimed at analysis and debate about subjects we consider to be of general interest or allow us to look more deeply into aspects related to the different work areas of the office.

Any collectives, entities and associations wishing to use Aula Ronda (the space where these meetings take place) to hold their own events may do so, provided the activities programmed coincide in spirit and intentions with the ideology and philosophy of Colectivo Ronda.

Aula Ronda is a large room, technically equipped (projector, sound equipment, laptop computer) and prepared to be used for events of all kinds. To book it, send an e-mail to and the request will be studied.

Access to Aula Ronda
Sant Pere Més Alt, 59, bis
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The room has windows 7 computer, projector, whiteboard, two microphones, sound equipment, wired and wireless internet

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