Colectivo Ronda


We are a cooperative of lawyers engaged in providing legal, labour, tax, economic and social advice. We see law as an exercise to build a more supportive world. We are here to provide a ear and a response to those demands and claims that cry out for global justice. There are more than one hundred of us, professionals who believe in people’s rights and work to further the development of fairer and more supportive models.

We defend people's individual and collective rights with a high quality, committed legal service. We also provide advisory services for the constitution of cooperatives and entities, as well as professional assistance for the self-employed. Our philosophy includes furthering everything related to the sphere of the social and supportive economy as a way of understanding economic relations.

Global consultation

Our practice and work departments have a global, integral vision. In them we advise on and deal legally with aspects of Labour, Health, Family, Housing, Personal Economy, Cooperative Economy, Criminal Law and Administrative Law.

Individual and collective responses

Each case and each claim that reaches us is different and so we approach and deal with them taking account of the whole problem, all the points of view and ways of understanding them that make them unique. We provide a response to both collective and individual claims.

We provide a response to those legal, labour, tax, economic and social demands and claims that cry out for global justice.

A growing collective

We are a cooperative, a group of people who believe in what we do. And so we also have a lecture theatre for training and for dissemination of the subjects that matter to us, Aula Ronda. We have a documents and publications service to which we are constantly adding material we would like to share. We have opened offices outside Barcelona in order to decentralise our activity. Lastly, we are constantly growing, cooperating with entities and collectives which, like us, defend values based on social justice and new forms of economy.