Colectivo Ronda


Colectivo Ronda is moved by the defence of the citizens’ individual and collective rights and the promotion of fairer and more supportive economic models. Our ideology and philosophy of work respond to those goals and can be summed up in social justice, gender equality, direct democracy and self-management, cooperation and independence. The seriousness and enthusiasm of the specialist professionals who belong to the collective is another of its values.

Colectivo Ronda is a group of specialist professionals who work with seriousness, quality and social sensitivity. We want to innovate in the world of law, always searching for new and better solutions to the problems our clients entrust to us, honestly and diligently, to obtain decent working conditions in a cooperative sphere together

Our ideology is summed up in the following values:

Social justice

Colectivo Ronda is opposed to economic, political and social exploitation. For that reason we support and take part in initiatives that pay special attention to the problems of inequality and exclusion in our society. We understand that those phenomena are the result of a system based on the enrichment of a few and their exploitation of the many. Social justice is the global value that suffuses the whole collective.

Gender equality

Gender equality is not only a right we defend in any legal procedure or promote through dissemination activities. For the collective, gender equality is a value inherent to the professional and personal relations between all its members and opposed to any kind of hierarchy linked to difference in sex.

Direct democracy and self-management

Internally we apply the principles of democratic self-management and direct participation. We are committed to cooperativism and the social economy to promote another way of doing things in which people are the centre of the economy. We defend self-management and assembly organisation as an alternative which is socially more responsible, more supportive and fairer than the present economic model.

Sensitivity towards everything to do with social justice is what moves us, our ideology, our work philosophy.


We cooperate with entities, organisations and people of all kinds who are working honestly to achieve a freer and fairer society. To that end we take part in many movements which aim at a profound global change in our society on the basis of respect, dignity and cooperation. We support all initiatives whose goal is to promote the direct and active participation of all citizens in the process of decision-taking and the practice of democracy.


We are a collective independent of any political party, trade union or economic group.