Colectivo Ronda

Our experts

At Colectivo Ronda we have over one hundred professionals, some linked with the Law and technical staff specialising in all areas of work (Labour, Health at Work, Legal-Social and Social Economy), and others in the General Services Department, which helps run the cooperative.

Within each work department, the professionals specialise in one of the areas, in the specific defence of rights or the tasks involving advice in social and supportive economy for individuals or groups. Some of them distribute those tasks among the different offices Colectivo Ronda has around the territory in order to be able to deal with cases at first hand. All the departments engaged in the practice of Law and the Social Economy Department have staff who specialise in assistance and reinforcement.

The Col•lectiu Ronda General Services Department (Coordination, Accounting, Communication, Archive, Administration) includes all those people who keep the everyday machinery of the cooperative running.

Internally the decisions are discussed and agreed in an assembly, which is the organisational form of the members of the collective and the sovereign body. Around them the Governing Council and the management team are structured; they ensure the responsibility and activity of the different groups. Lastly, the Health Council and the Social Audit complete the organisation chart.