Colectivo Ronda


At Colectivo Ronda we strive to change the relations between people on the basis of respect, dignity and cooperation in the defence of the right to an independent, decent, free life. As an organisation and group of professionals, we share a series of fundamental goals which determine our daily task and the way we understand the practice of law and consultancy for social economy entities.

The goals shared by the whole collective, which cover the specialised advisory services we provide and which guide our activity, are:

  • To defend the right of every person to an independent, decent and free life.
  • To defend people from any persecution, discrimination, abuse or marginalisation for reasons of sex, ethnicity, origin, language, education, opinion or belief.
  • To defend people’s rights in their patrimonial and personal sphere and in their private relations and their relations with the public administration.
  • To defend workers, civil servants, the self-employed, pensioners, the unemployed or immigrants and the most vulnerable social sectors, as well as alternative and transforming trade unionism, fostering the construction of collective awareness on the basis of solidarity.
  • To defend a concept of the right to work with the necessary guarantees for the construction of a social state, as well as giving prominence to the conflict inherent in the world of labour within capitalist society as a mechanism for raising the awareness required for the construction of socioeconomic alternatives.
  • To encourage the creation and consolidation of cooperative societies and other entities of the social economy, such as associations and foundations, providing active support and a quality advice service which will help them develop their potential.
  • To foster cooperation as a tool for growth which will make it possible to carry out innovatory collective projects.

Our goal is to work to change relations between people on the basis of respect, dignity and cooperation in defence of the right to an independent, decent and free life.

  • To defend the rights of consumers individually and collectively.
  • To promote the application of preventive measures to deal with risks at work in companies in general, with special attention to companies in the social economy.
  • To defend the right to health and social protection, as well as a model of life which is sustainable in terms of the environment, without chemical agents, with local and responsible consumption, with renewable energies and integral protection of environmental health.
  • To defend a quality public health service and cooperation with all patients’ associations that are calling for integral acknowledgement of their illnesses or better health care.
  • To defend the right to decent high quality public pensions for workers and civil servants, working with the associations that have the same goal.
  • To promote respect for nature and the environment, defending a sustainable town planning.
  • To defend the right to free information and communication. To promote access to training and education.
  • To defend the right to the self-determination of peoples and the promotion of their national and cultural identity, in particular to promote the use and vitality of Catalan in all spheres.
  • To seek forms of coexistence and organisation that stimulate creativity and promote solidarity.
  • To support all popular democratic initiatives that tend to bring decision-making centres closer to the citizens and, to that end, to promote all formulae that involve the practice of a direct, assembly-style participatory democracy.