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Sala Eva

In June 2014, we at the collective officially inaugurated Sala EVA with the lecture “Sala EVA: a place to breathe”. Sala EVA (“Space with Environmental Value”) is designed to be the work space where, in the best possible conditions, the Colectivo Ronda lawyers can receive and deal with people affected by chemical sensitivity, electrohypersensitivity and other environmental pathologies. The room is also intended to become a meeting and reference point in Barcelona for collectives and organisations that bring together and represent sufferers from environmental pathologies.

Sala EVA is an exercise in avantgarde architecture developed by Colectivo Ronda applying bioconstruction and biohabitability criteria. A workplace and meeting place in the centre of Barcelona, conceived to guarantee the well-being of our visitors who are affected by environmental illnesses.

The design of Sala EVA is the work of the architect Valentina Maini and the biologist Elisabet Silvestre, with the premise of achieving the environmental features most similar to a white room, a space with a more biotic environmental quality, adapted for sensitive people, avoiding environmental agents that pose a risk to health —physical, chemical and biological— and eliminating existing ones or reducing them to a minimum.

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